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The Next Generation of Linking

Ovid LinkSolver is a comprehensive resource linking solution, expands the power of linking to a wide variety of Internet resources, while giving you complete administrative flexibility in defining, organizing and displaying links for your institution. Comprehensive, easy to use and administer, it provides a user friendly solution for defining the scope of your electronic resources.

  • Flexible, easy to use administrative interface
  • Customize interface with your institutions branding
  • Ovid hosted platform requiring no maintenance
  • OpenURL compliant resolver supporting outbound and inbound linking
  • Predefined link templates to primary publishers and aggregators, document delivery services, OPACs, Internet resources and more

A universal linking solution for administering links.

  • OpenURL resolver supporting outbound and inbound linking, including resolving DOIs and PubMed IDs
  • Resources A-Z tool supporting journals, books and subjects

A flexible tool for managing links.

  • Supports outbound linking to Ovid full text, externally hosted full text and more
  • Supports import title lists from OPAC or serials databases

For more information, view the LinkSolver Factsheet.

Link Resolver
  • Supports inbound and outbound linking to Ovid full text, externally hosted full text, and other library and web resources
  • OpenURL compliant, supporting both OpenURL v0.1 and v1.0
  • Configure and define Base URL and OpenURL tags in the Administration Tool
  • Supports DOIs and PubMed ID links
Resources A-Z

A journal and book browsing and linking tool, enables users to browse and search their institution's e-journals and e-books and link to the resource home site.

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Links@Ovid - The Basics (6 min)

Ovid LinkSolver (4 min)


Ovid LinkSolver connects you to more than 50,000 journals. View the complete list

Ovid LinkSolver connects you to many free and open access journals. View for more information

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Questions and Answers

View and search for answers to LinkSolver configuration questions, link resources, Resources A-Z and more.

Citation Matcher

Linking Glossary

Administration Tool

Enables system administrators to configure links and customize link settings.

  • Browse and activate link resources and publications
  • Add custom link resources
  • Define OpenURL tags
  • Configure Resources A-Z, including customizing library holding messages and alternative journal titles
Administration Tool

Login to the Administration Tool.

LinkSolver features predefined electronic resources

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