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Welcome to the PICO Resource Center for Ovid

Via these pages you will find supporting materials for PICO(t) searching on the Ovid platform.

On the PICO Videos page you will find self running explanations with voice-over about Evidence Based Practice and PICO(t) searching supported by a number of PowerPoint and Word documents.

More supporting materials can be found on the PICO Cards page that offers structured search forms in various languages.

The PICO Request page offers you to submit your question to our literature research specialist who can help you build a well structured search strategy for your PICO question.

Finally we like to suggest you take a look at our Client Services Flyer that is located on the Contact page. An experienced multilingual team of information professionals offers a variety of services including PICO trainings. If you are interested to receive on-site or web-based training for PICO searching, please contact your Ovid representative.

Audio & Visual Presentations

The following audio-visual tutorials about PICO on Ovid are available:

PICO Part 1

PICO Part 2

Beyond the Search: Maximizing the Quality of Systematic Reviews
Learn how librarians can maximize the quality of systematic reviews, plus tips on supporting researchers and clinicians, presented by Dr. Edoardo Aromataris PhD, Director of Synthesis Science, Joanna Briggs Institute.

Supporting Documentation
Evidence Based Practice Resources on Ovid: English
Evidence Based PICO Research on Ovid: English
7 steps of Evidence Based Practice Research: English
How to use the PICO Method in an Ovid Database: English

PICO Search Cards

In support of structured searching on the OvidSP platform we developed the following cards to help guide our users.

Every literature research project starts with formulating a complete questions.

Once the questions is formulated the card will guide you to find the best search terms for your topic followed by instructions on how to execute and combine them until you retrieve the optimal set of records for your research question.

The following cards are available:

Structured Searching on OvidSP: English | Spanish | Dutch
Structured PICO Searching on OvidSP: English

PICO Widget

Below Libguide Friendly widget is available to do a quick lookup in some of the Ovid databases for your PICO question. Please note this is not a replacement for a precision search finding all results for your query, but it will give you a good indication if you are on the right track formulating your PICO.

To download a version of this widget click here.

Example PICO: Prevention (O) of Whooping Cough (P) in adults (P) using vaccination (I)

Ovid Database:

P: Patient, Population, Problem or disease of interest (who are the patients, what is the problem)

I: Intervention or Issue (what do we do to them, what are they exposed to)
Intervention / Issue
C: Comparison intervention or issue (what do we compare the intervention with)
O: Outcome (what happens, what is the outcome)
T: Time ( The time it takes for the intervention to achieve an outcome or how long participants are observed)