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The Ovid Search Translation Tool can assist you to translate searches from other research platforms to Ovid search syntax for use with databases on the Ovid platform.

Use the Ovid Search Translation Tool with these simple steps:

  1. Choose the origin platform on which the search strategy was created. The currently supported platforms are embase.com (Elsevier), ProQuest Dialog and Pubmed
  2. Paste the search strategy into the Source Query textbox. Please ensure any line numbers and result totals from a search history export are not included.
  3. Click on the Translate button. The translated search will appear in the Ovid Strategy textbox.
  4. Copy the search strategy, or launch the search directly into the Embase and/or Medline databases on Ovid
  5. Tell us what you think! Please give us your feedback to help us ensure that the Ovid Search Translation Tool is supporting you effectively.

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