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What is the Ovid Search Builder tool?

  • Ovid Search Builder delivers a fully developed expert search strategy.
  • Full and guided search using easy steps to follow.
  • Apply multiple keywords in a PICO format by adding or removing rows.
  • Automatic mapping to the relevant database descriptors and their synonyms.
  • Specialised filters allow users to search by adverse events, special situations, clinical queries and more.
  • Different profiles are available for each specialised filter, as well as source information.
  • Easy to create auto alerts within the Ovid platform once the Ovid Search Builder is launched.
  • Training tutorial and online feedback form available within the tool.

How to access the Ovid Search Builder tool?

  • Simply click on the Ovid Search Builder logo within your Ovid Session.
  • If you do not have the button integrated contact Ovid Support

How to use the Ovid Search Builder tool?

  • Simply introduce your term(s) in different rows, adding descriptors and synonyms to complete the keyword search.
  • The optional specialised filters allow users to personalise their strategy further.
  • The Ovid Search Builder tool has an embedded video tutorial for assistance.
  • If you have any questions please contact Ovid Support

Do you want to activate the Search Builder Tool for your institution?

Simply contact Ovid Support.