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The Ovid Tools & Resources Portal is your first stop for fast answers to a wide variety of marketing, training, and customer support questions including:

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  • Quick Reference Guides and FAQs
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  • Configuration and Customization Tips
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Ovid Learning and Training

Award-winning Support and Consultative Services

We are dedicated to Service and Customer Success.

The global Customer Support team has attained best in-class recognition through Omega Management Group’s Omega North Face Award for superior customer satisfaction scores for eight consecutive years (2011-2018).

Get Answers 24/7

If you manage Ovid's software products for your organization, Ovid has technical support resources available to help answer your questions. We've provided some basic support information - such as system requirements, implementation materials, documentation, or technical tips - right here, online.

For more difficult questions or inquiries please search our Knowledge Community - it's comprised of common questions that have been submitted to our Technical Support team from users across the globe. Or, simply email us directly.

To better serve you, Ovid offers 24 hour worldwide technical support. Any time you have a technical issue, such as a problem logging in or accessing your Ovid resources, a Technical Support engineer will be available to answer your call. Learn more about Ovid's 24/7 commitment.

Knowledge Community

For more difficult questions or inquiries please search our Knowledge Community - it's comprised of common questions that have been submitted to our Technical Support team from users like you from across the globe. Or, simply email us directly.

Technical Support

Email Support

Assisting our customers is a primary concern, and Ovid recognizes that not every problem occurs during normal business hours. That is why Ovid offers 24 hour worldwide technical support for our customers.
Now, any time you have a technical issue, such as a problem logging in or accessing your Ovid resources, a Technical Support engineer will be available to assist you.

Still need answers? Email tech support directly and we’ll be sure to respond within one business day.

Phone Support

Ovid's 24/7 support commitment is made possible by the addition of new 24-hour Technical Support phone numbers. Calling these numbers after local business hours routes your call to a representative in the office that is currently open. To speak with a representative from your regional office, you must call during that office's normal business hours. Note that this 24 hour service is for technical support issues only: sales, customer service, and other questions should continue to be made to your local office during normal business hours.

Ovid is a global company, with technical support engineers available in sales offices around the world. Contact us during normal business hours: Monday- Friday 8:30am - 8:00pm EST, but if your call is received outside business hours it will be routed to an open office in another time zone.

North and South America
  • US and Canada: 877.247.OVID (6843)
  • Latin America: 781.501.1002
Europe, Middle East, and Africa
  • United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Mediterranean: +44 (0) 203 197 6660
  • Benelux, the Nordic countries, the Middle East, and Africa: +31 (0)172 469 812
  • Germany, Central and Eastern Europe: +49 3085 77 99 66
  • Italy: +39 051 588 0717
  • Spain: +34 91 418 62 91
Asia Pacific
  • Australia: 1.800.246.473
  • China, Malaysia, Philippines, Macau: 00 800 2476 8438
  • Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand: 001 800 2476 8438
  • India: 1800 108 2980
  • Japan: (KDD) 001 800 2476 8438
  • Japan: (MYLINE/MYLINE PLUS) 010 800 2476 8438
  • Japan: (Cable & Wireless IDC) 0061 800 2476 8438
  • Japan: (Japan Telecom) 0041 800 2476 8438
  • New Zealand: 00 800 2476 8438
  • Singapore: Singtel IDD 001 800 2476 8438
  • Singapore: MobileOne IDD 002 800 2476 8438
  • Singapore: Starhub IDD 008 800 2476 8438
  • Singapore: Singtel BudgetCall 013 800 2476 8438
  • Singapore: Starhub I-Call (Voice over IP) 018 800 2476 8438
  • Singapore: Singtel V019 (Voice over IP) 019 800 2476 8438
  • Taiwan: 002 800 2476 8438

Ovid Customer Satisfaction Survey

Your feedback is greatly important to us!

Please take a moment to complete this survey and give us your feedback or your overall impression about the service provided by Ovid Customer Support department.

Please let us know if you would like to see any new services or if you would like to see something different from us.

Licensing & Access Requirements

All of Ovid's products require a signed license agreement before access can begin. Ovid and its publishing partners require this license agreement to ensure appropriate and fair usage of the software that Ovid provides and the content that Ovid licenses. Your Ovid sales representative will provide you with Ovid's License Agreement, which will cover access to your Ovid subscriptions.

Ovid Configuration Information

Ovid web applications require the following minimum browsers for Ovid:

  • Chrome version 30 or greater
  • Internet Explorer version 11 or greater
  • Microsoft Edge: All versions are compliant
  • Firefox version 24 or greater: For versions 24-26, TLS 1.2 is disabled by default so you will need to enable it in the browser settings if this hasn’t already been done
  • Safari version 7 or greater
  • Safari mobile 5 or greater

The Ovid applications that are covered by these standards are: Ovid, and Ovid LinkSolver. Ovid products require that JavaScript and Cookies are enabled.
To view PDF files in the Ovid applications you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you are experiencing difficulties utilizing our services with any other browser application, we recommend trying the above versions to correct the issue.

Ovid is focused on delivering standards compliant applications. By following common standards such as CSS and DOM, Ovid will be designing products that leverage powerful technology while ensuring that our solutions are compatible with our customer's system environments.

Important System Information for Optimizing Performance and Access


For best performance, we recommend using a browser with a fast JavaScript engine. We recommend using the latest version of either Firefox or Chrome. Internet Explorer Compatibility mode is not supported, so please ensure that ovid.com is not included in the list of sites added to compatibility view or the local intranet zone in your IE browser settings.

Here are the browser requirements for products sold through Ovid, such as Acland's Anatomy, Bates Visual Guide, LWW Health Library and 5 Minute Clinical Consult.

They are as follows:

Windows PC (7 and above)
Internet Explorer 7 (Except newer “responsive” sites)
Internet Explorer 8 (Older browsers will not react to responsive break points like newer browsers, and may lose minor functionality. Overall the user will have a good experience.)
Internet Explorer 9
Internet Explorer 10
Internet Explorer 11
Mozilla Firefox (Latest Version)
Google Chrome (Latest Version)

Apple OSX
Safari 10.8 (Not supported for Desktop PC)
FireFox 24

Android Phone or Tablet (Honeycomb and above)
The device’s native browser - Android browser or Chrome in latest version of Android (latest version)

iOS on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch
Safari 6

* Windows Edge is a modern, standards compliant browser supported by Silverchair. Like any browser it will have small idiosyncrasies and variances from other browsers. However, we expect a high degree of compatibility with our sites and Windows Edge.

URL Information for Firewall/Proxy Administrators

Ovid recommends that you allow users to connect to all of the following to ensure uninterrupted access for users:

  • *.ovid.com
  • *.net.jbisumari.org
  • *.visualdx.com
  • *.visiblebody.com
  • *.wolterskluwer.com
  • *.ovidds.com
  • *.tdnet.com
  • *.dsstatic.net
  • *.lww.com
  • *.wkhpe.com

If that is not possible, we recommend that you allow access to the following service URLs, depending on which products you subscribe to (this is not the preferred method).





Visible Body

Lippincott Nursing Solutions

View Ezproxy config.txt settings for Ovid here.

Note about bookmarking:

If you wish to bookmark Ovid pages, please use ovidsp.ovid.com only. Including “dc1”, “dc2”, etc could compromise your access to Ovid. For example, do NOT bookmark URLs like these: ovidsp.dc1.ovid.com or ovidsp.dc2.ovid.com.

If your network configuration requires detailing specific names, please review the following entries. If you whitelist *.ovid.com then there is no need to add these specific targets. Whitelisting the CNAMES (*.dc1.ovid.com and *.dc2.ovid.com) or *.ovid.com will be sufficient for many customers.

Network traffic between Ovid and your site
All network traffic from Ovid to your site should be in response to requests which users have generated. Thus, if your site is using a stateful packet inspection (SPI) firewall, you should not have to open any ports on your firewall. Email is the exception, and you should allow TCP/25 from the address ranges listed below.

Should you use a non-SPI firewall, you will need to allow ephemeral (high numbered) TCP port access from the following IP address ranges. Ovid runs out of two AWS regions, EU-WEST-1 and EU-EAST-1. The AWS URL to reference for IP information: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/general/latest/gr/aws-ip-ranges.html#subscribe-notifications.

To ensure proper delivery of email, customers are encouraged to explicitly whitelist our mail server IP addresses and e-mail accounts:, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]

Note about Blacklists
As protection against spam, it's common for companies to enlist the use of "blacklists". Blacklists are lists maintained by independent organizations containing addresses of mail servers believed to be used to produce spam. Ovid's mail server and the IP addresses used to send alerts included above, at times can inadvertently get listed on these blacklists. This happens because our alert system is quite popular by our customers and as such, produces enough emails that it can occasionally be mistaken for spam distribution. Unfortunately, for customers who haven't explicitly listed our mail server IP as valid, the blacklist causes their mail server to reject connections from our mail server.

Once Ovid learns of any inadvertent blacklisting, we have the IP removed from the blacklists, however we can't guarantee it won't end up back on them at some point in the future. To avoid problems with email delivery for users of Ovid's AutoAlert and email functions, we strongly recommend our customers add the ranges above to be explicitly whitelisted.

If you have any questions, please contact your Ovid Technical Support team.

*Last Updated October 2020

Z39.50 Server Interoperability Testing

Ovid Technologies is a prominent member of the Z39.50 Implementor's Group ("ZIG") which is the standard-setting body for the Z39.50 interoperability protocol. So that other members of the Z39.50 software development community can test their clients for compatibility with the Ovid Z39.50 Server, we provide free, unlimited access to sample databases mounted on an Ovid Z39.50 Server using the latest released version of the software.

The information necessary to configure any given Z39.50 client to connect to an Ovid Z39.50 Server is shown below. Consult your client software documentation to determine how to enter these parameters.

If you have any questions or problems when connecting to the Ovid Z39.50 Server with a non-Ovid client, please bring them to our attention as soon as possible by emailing [email protected].

Client Configuration for Ovid Z39.50 Server Hostname

  • z3950.ovid.com


  • 210

Record Syntax


Attribute Set

  • BIB-1

Supported Z39.50 Versions

  • 1, 2, and 3

Supported Features

  • Specified in option bits:

Delete Set
Trigger Resource Control
Access Control
Named Result Sets

  • Other features:

Piggyback Present
Cancel Search (via Trigger Resource Control)


  • The userid and password, if specified, are ignored.

Available Databases

  • PMED - Practice MEDLINE Database
  • ERIC - Subset of the Educational Resource Information Center Database

Attribute Types

  • USE (1): See below.
  • RELATION (2): If specified, must be 3 ("Equal").
  • POSITION (3): If specified, must be 3 ("Any position in field").
  • STRUCTURE (4): If specified, must be 1 ("Phrase") or 2 ("Word") or 6 ("Word list"). All act the same.
  • TRUNCATION (5): If specified, must be 100 ("Do not truncate") or 1 ("Right truncation"). The default is 100 ("Do not truncate")
  • COMPLETENESS (6): If specified, must be 1 ("Incomplete subfield").

USE Attribute Information

  • For each attribute, the following list specifies:
  • USE attribute number
  • Ovid fields searched by that USE attribute number
  • Name of the USE attribute (according to the Z39.50-1995 standard)
  • The test database(s) in which this attribute is valid (PMED, ERIC.) If unspecified, the attribute is valid in both test databases.

1=au,pn Personal Name
2=in Corporate Name (PMED, ERIC)
4=ti Title
5=ti TItle series
6=ti Title uniform
17=ui NLM Call Number
20=lm Local Classification
21=sh Subject Heading (PMED, ERIC)
25=sh MESH Subject (PMED, ERIC)
30=yr Date
31=yr Date of Publication
32=yr Date of Acquisition
33=ti Title key
34=ti Title collective
35=ti Title parallel
36=jn,ja Title Cover
37=ti Title added title page
38=ti Title caption
39=ti Title running
40=jn Title spine
41=ti Title other variant
43=ti Title abbreviated
44=ti Title expanded
45=ab Subject precis
47=me Subject subdivision (PMED)
57=au,ti Name and Title
58=cp Name geographic (PMED, ERIC)
59=cp Place Publication (PMED, ERIC)
62=ab Abstract
1000=au,ti Author-title
1002=au,pn Name
1003=au Author
1004=au Author-name personal
1005=in Author-name corporate (PMED, ERIC)
1009=pn Subject name -- personal (PMED)
1011=em Date/time added to db
1016=au,ti,ab,sh Any
1017=ui,au,in,cp,ti,ot,cm,sc,so,pb,jn,vo,ip,em,up,pg,dp,sh,pn,ab,rf,rn,is,pt,lg,sb,gs,ms,no,jc,lh,lm,as,ja, Server-choice