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Visible Body – Human Anatomy Atlas and Muscle Premium Update – October 2016


Visible Body – Human Anatomy Atlas and
Muscle Premium Update

Dear Ovid Visible Body Customer:

We are pleased to announce that the latest versions of Human Anatomy Atlas and Muscle Premium are coming to your institution. Starting Tuesday, October 11th, your site license to Human Anatomy Atlas and/or Muscle Premium is getting an upgrade! We will automatically switch over your access.

What’s New in Human Anatomy Atlas:

  • Now with 20 cross-sections of four body regions, as well as corresponding scans. Scans and cadaver images include pins that correlate to our body structures in 3D.
  • Enhanced search feature: now with a more robust way to search for content. Enter key words and see search results grouped by type of content (views, cross-sections, animations, quizzes, muscle actions, etc.)
  • Updated user interface: find the content you need quickly!
  • New personalization features for browser version: users can now create customized views on one desktop and access them on another desktop in their web browser.

Watch the short Human Anatomy Atlas overview here.

What’s New in Muscle Premium:

  • Now with 3D models of 20+ common pathologies: sciatica, rotator cuff tear, carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints and more!
  • An all-new look: new user interface that offers quick access to dozens of popular views and three ways to one-tap and create custom views.
  • Circulatory system content, bony landmarks (from Skeleton Premium) now included.
  • Available in 7 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese. Note: pronunciations are English only.

Watch the short Muscle Premium overview here.

If you have any questions, please contact Ovid Customer Support at [email protected].


Wolters Kluwer – Ovid