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Tag: Ovid

Embase Database Reload – September 2021

  Embase Database Reload Dear Ovid Embase Customer: The Embase Database (OEMEZD) is being reloaded. We expect it to be live on Monday September 13, 2021. Alerts will be run on the weekend of September 11, 2021 prior to the reload. Please note Embase will be reloaded to implement the . . . Read more

MEDLINE New Segment – July 2021

  MEDLINE New Segment Dear Ovid MEDLINE Customer: We would like to inform you a new Ovid MEDLINE segment was created on July 15, 2021 and there are changes on the coverages. The following coverage changes will be implemented for specific segments, that may be in use by some customers: . . . Read more

Cloudflare Communication – June 2021

  Cloudflare Communication Dear Ovid Customer: In our ongoing efforts to provide a quality performant service, in July we will be implementing Cloudflare, an industry-leading infrastructure and website security solution. A specific date will be communicated later. Cloudflare gives us the ability to better manage incoming traffic, more rapidly recognize . . . Read more

JBI PACES Cloud Migration – April 2021

  JBI PACES Cloud Migration Dear Ovid JBI Customer: The JBI PACES tool is being migrated to the cloud, offering: faster access greater redundancy with no single point of failure. There will be downtime of approximately 6 hours on Friday 23rd April beginning at 9am EDT (view your local time). . . . Read more

Embase Reload Complete – April 2021

  Embase Reload Complete Dear Ovid Embase Customer: The Embase (OEMEZD) Database reload was completed on Monday 12 April as scheduled. Alerts ran on the weekend of April 10, 2021 prior to the reload going live. The unscheduled run of Alerts for this reload was delayed and only started around . . . Read more

Sharing Ovid Searches – March 2021

  Sharing Ovid Searches Dear Ovid Customer: As we continue to incorporate user feedback into the Ovid platform, we are pleased to announce that new Ovid search sharing features will be made available on 31st March. These features help users seamlessly share search strategies with colleagues, allowing the recipient to . . . Read more