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Tag: Ovid

Embase Database Reload Complete – December 2021

  Embase Database Reload Complete Dear Ovid Embase Customer: The Embase database (OEMEZD) was reloaded to implement Emtree 2021.3 (the latest 2021 Thesaurus Tool) on December 13, 2021. Alerts ran on the weekend of December 11, 2021. Article preprints are coming to Embase While not dependent on the upcoming reload, . . . Read more

Ovid Privacy Policy Update – November 2021

  Ovid Privacy Policy Update Dear Ovid Customer: In alignment with industry best practices and in order to safeguard your privacy, we will be enforcing an Privacy Policy for Ovid Personal Account users. This will be implemented on December 1, 2021. The text of this agreement is already available from . . . Read more

New registration and personalization options in Ovid’s enhanced book reader – November 2021

  New registration and personalization options in Ovid’s enhanced book reader Dear Ovid Customer: Starting November 30, you’ll see several new personalization features in the enhanced book experience: Creating bookmarks Adding notes Highlighting content Saving content to your personal Ovid account You’ll need to log into your Ovid personal account . . . Read more

JBI PACES Tool Launch News – November 2021

  JBI PACES Tool Launch News Dear Ovid JBI PACES Customer: The new JBI PACES tool is launching on November 4th! As an existing customer of PACES, we want to ensure you are aware of the exciting new features. An intuitive, customizable software for improving outcomes, JBI PACES is an . . . Read more

Annual Ovid MEDLINE Reload – October 2021

  Annual Ovid MEDLINE Reload Dear Ovid MEDLINE Customer: We are preparing for the annual global data reload of MEDLINE. As in past years, the National Library of Medicine (NLM) will end their 2021 distribution of updates to make the transition to the 2022 version of MeSH. On December 1, . . . Read more