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PsycINFO 2019 Reload Complete – June 2019


PsycINFO 2019 Reload Complete

Dear PsycINFO Customer:

The PsycINFO (PSYH) Database has been reloaded with the latest APA Thesaurus Tool. Alerts ran on Monday 3 June, 2019 prior to the reload.

Change to MP searching:
By customer request, we added the PsycINFO MesH (MH) field to the .MP field list for unqualified searches. Ovid Advanced Search has changed its default fields for PsycINFO to:

  • [mp=title, abstract, heading word, table of contents, key concepts, original title, tests & measures, MeSH]

Please note, this change may affect (increase) the results output of existing saved searches and AutoAlerts when MesH terms are used in .mp searches.

APA Thesaurus changes

The following changes have been implemented:

  • 25 existing subject headings* are being replaced in the new APA thesaurus. These subject headings are no longer available for use in PsycINFO on Ovid.
  • 16 new subject headings. These subject headings are indexed already, and are now part of the thesaurus tool.
  • 5 deleted subject headings*

*These changes affect existing saved searches and AutoAlerts. Please refer to our message from 16 March for a complete overview.

You will receive a reminder email before the PsycINFO reload to confirm the timing, but if you have any questions, please contact Customer Support at [email protected].


Wolters Kluwer – Ovid