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Personal Accounts for LWW Health Library are Coming October 7th! – September 2016


Personal Accounts for LWW Health Library are
Coming October 7th!

Dear Ovid LWW Health Library Customer:

Starting October 7th we are implementing free personal account creation for all of the LWW Health Library resources. This enhancement will help you better understand usage of your patrons. It also provides an upgrade to the level of access and security.

What does that mean for you and your users?
A personal account is a free individual registration by Health Library users to help personalize their experience.

  • Off-Site Access: any registered users that are outside of your institution’s IP range will have access with a 30 day renewable token – perfect for students doing a clerkship at a satellite location or teaching hospital. Use the products anytime, anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Printing or saving to PDF with a personalized watermark deters piracy issues for any institution, keeping your institution and users copyright compliant.

How do users create a personal account?
At the LWW Health Library sign-in page or individual collection pages, users will be prompted to create a free personal account.

Are personal accounts required?
Personal accounts are not required but they will be needed if you or your users want to print, save to a PDF or remotely access the LWW Health Library outside of your institution’s IP range.

Please note that personal information will not be shared with 3rd parties, but will be used for marketing purposes for those that choose to opt-in. If you should have any additional questions, please contact Ovid Customer Support at [email protected]


Wolters Kluwer – Ovid