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Ovid MEDLINE Correction Records – June 2019


Ovid MEDLINE Correction Records

Dear Ovid MEDLINE Customer:

With reference to our communication on 15 May, we want to give you a further update on the large number of correction records (also called revisions) we continue to receive from the NLM.
The NLM is undertaking a project to improve the quality of PubMed data, by adding or correcting DOIs for more than 6 million citations in PubMed. The deliveries for this project are expected to continue for a couple of months.

On 12 June a set of 772,571 corrections was added to Ovid MEDLINE, and the next large set of corrections is scheduled to be added to the corrections segment (MEDC) on Wednesday, July 10th. The original records for these corrections will subsequently be removed from Ovid MEDLINE. A description of all available Ovid MEDLINE segments and their years of coverage can be found in the Ovid MEDLINE database guide.

Please note that if you have AutoAlerts scheduled for Ovid MEDLINE segments that do not exclude revisions, you may see a significant increase in your AutoAlert volume for Ovid MEDLINE the first time it runs after July 10th. The next MEDC updates are scheduled for 14 August, and 11 September.

The revision of 6 million records by the NLM in a relatively short timeframe is unprecedented. If your AutoAlerts include correction records, and you want to avoid an increase in your AutoAlert results, please contact Ovid Support to discuss the options.
If you have any concerns or questions please contact Ovid support at [email protected] for assistance.


Wolters Kluwer – Ovid