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Ovid HealthSTAR Reload – July 2018


2018 Ovid HEALTHSTAR database reload

Dear Ovid HEALTHSTAR Customer:

The Ovid HEALTHSTAR (HSTR) database has been reloaded for the 2018 edition of MEDLINE and MESH. In addition, Ovid has made the following changes:

  • 4 New Fields:
      • Floating Subheading Word (FX)
        A new word-indexed Floating Subheadings field (FX) was created, in order to support the addition of subheading terms to unqualified searching (.mp.).
      • Organism Supplementary Concept (OS)
        The Organism Supplementary Concept (OS) field contains the Protocol Class 4 SCR terms that includes viruses and other organisms. The Organism Supplementary Concept (OS) terms are phrase-indexed.
      • Organism Supplementary Concept Word (OX)
        The Organism Supplementary Concept Word (OX) index allows the users to retrieve single terms from the Organism Supplementary Concept (OS) field.
      • Pubmed Central Release (PQ)
        The Pubmed Central Release (PQ) field contains the embargo date associated with the availability of the published article in PMC.

  • 1 Deleted Field:
      • Date Created (DC)
        The Date Created (DC) field was removed. The date a PubMed citation was created will continue to be displayed in the MEDLINE format view in the Create Date (DT) field.
  • 3 New Limits for Publication Type
    • Adaptive Clinical Trial
    • Equivalence Trial
    • Expression of Concern

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at [email protected].


Wolters Kluwer – Ovid