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New Ovid Book Reader – September 2020


New Ovid Book Reader

Dear Ovid Customer:

Following our announcement last week about the system maintenance on Tuesday 29th September, we want to provide you with a further update.

This release contains a new Ovid Book reader component that will be available for a limited number of Ovid books in October 2020. Detailed information about the new book reader experience will follow soon; the initial list of included books is here. We also want to notify you about some upgrades to Ovid’s interface and a note about the “COUNTER Investigations” metric for usage statistics in the new reader.

The new reader will be available through buttons on the search and browse interfaces and by using book and chapter-level jumpstarts that end with the parameter &EPUB=Y. Links without this final parameter will go to the HTML version of the book on the traditional Ovid view.

Here’s an example of how the new buttons appear in browse and search. Hyperlinked titles will go to the HTML version of the book on traditional Ovid, View in Book Reader buttons will go to the old book reader until those books are added to the new reader, and New Book Reader buttons will take you to the book on the new reader. All books are configured to open in a new tab for easy navigation between browse and search on Ovid and the new book reader.

In the new book reader, COUNTER book views will work as before, i.e. we are recording “investigations” when you navigate to a new chapter and search within the book. For the new book reader we will also add “investigations” for other interactions with the books such as links within the content. As new functionality for the new book reader is introduced in subsequent releases, we will announce these changes.
Please note you may see a jump in the over-all “investigation counts” in the COUNTER reports for the books that you’re reading in the new book experience both as we add new books and release new features.

Feel free to contact Customer Support with any questions by sending an email to [email protected].


Wolters Kluwer – Ovid