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Embase reload reminder – July 2018


Embase reload reminder

Dear Ovid Embase Customer:

As announced in our communication on 6th July, we are pleased to confirm that the Embase (EMED) Database will be reloaded on Monday August 6, 2018. Alerts will be run on Saturday August 4, 2018 prior to the reload.

The reload will implement the 2018 Thesaurus Tool. The changes in the new thesaurus are detailed in the following documents:
•   Emtree terms added and changed 2018 V1
•   Emtree release notes, 2018 V1

In addition, Ovid has made the following changes:
The History Note in the Scope Note now displays its exploded definition (e.g. 1974 [New preferred term]). Previously, only acronyms are available (e.g. 1974 [HPT]).

6 New Fields
•   Drug Index Terms (DU)
•   Drug Index Terms Word (DY)
•   Device Index Terms (MV)
•   Device Index Terms Word (MY)
•   Other Index Terms (OD)
•   Other Index Terms Word (OX)

4 Removed Publication Type Limits
The following values were found to be redundant Publication types; Abstract Report, Book Review, Patent and Reports. While hidden from the Limits display after the reload, their removal will not affect any existing saved searches or alerts.

New Limit – Special Ovid Filters for Embase
With the upcoming reload, Ovid makes available a number of search filters based on recommended searches from the Europe Medicines Agency, Cochrane and published hedges from expert users.
The Special Ovid Filters are optimized for use on Embase, and users can view the full search syntax as well as the source reference in the Embase database guide, that will also be updated with the reload.
Some of these filters are composed from large search strategies for which results are pre-populated and updated with each database update. This avoids introducing waiting times when applying the Ovid Special Filter Limits. Limits will be available for the following topics and special situations: Adverse effects, Children, Elderly, Pregnancy, and Humans only (removes records about animals). An example with the new limits applied on Embase is shown below:


If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support at [email protected].


Wolters Kluwer – Ovid