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Embase reload notification – January 2018


Embase reload notification

Dear Ovid Embase Customer:

The Embase (EMED) Database went live on January 8, 2018. Alerts were run on Sunday January 7, 2018 prior to the reload.

The reload implements the latest 2017 Thesaurus Tool. The changes in the new thesaurus are detailed here.

In addition, Ovid has added 2 new fields:
• Candidate Terms (DJ)
• Candidate Term Word (DQ)

Ahead of this reload, Ovid created a new rolling 5 year Embase segment code (emedr). This new segment matches the existing equivalent on Ovid MEDLINE (medw). The rolling 5 year segments help users who frequently create AutoAlert searches, and users who are only looking for recent publications. The new segment is hidden by default, but this is how they appear in the Select Resources list when activated:

More information on segment codes can be found in the database guides for each database. Please note that the Ovid support team will be pleased to help you to re-organise your Select Resources list. Database segments can be added, removed and sorted in your resource list upon request. If you would like to have the new Embase segment displayed in your Select Resources list, or require any other configuration changes, please contact  [email protected].

See the Ovid customization form for more options for customizing your Ovid interface.


Wolters Kluwer – Ovid