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Embase Database Reload Complete – May 2020


Embase Database Reload Complete

Dear Ovid Embase Customer:

The Embase (EMED) Database reload is now complete. Alerts ran on the weekend of May 16, 2020 prior to the reload going live.

Embase is reloaded with the Emtree 2020.01 Thesaurus Tool. You can find information about the changes the reload news section of the database guide:

Please note that Elsevier is expanding Emtree to cover Coronavirus-related vocabulary. You can retrieve results for these records with the following search for Embase on Ovid:
(coronavirus disease 2019 or severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2).sh,dj

In addition to our work for Ovid MEDLINE, we have also implemented the Covid-19 limit for Embase that can be used on both databases. The exact search syntax for this limit is documented in the Embase database guide: under “Special Ovid filters for Embase”.

Here’s an example of how to use the limit on both databases:

Feel free to contact Customer Support with any questions by sending an email to [email protected].


Wolters Kluwer – Ovid