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Embase Database Reload Complete – December 2021


Embase Database Reload Complete

Dear Ovid Embase Customer:

The Embase database (OEMEZD) was reloaded to implement Emtree 2021.3 (the latest 2021 Thesaurus Tool) on December 13, 2021. Alerts ran on the weekend of December 11, 2021.

Article preprints are coming to Embase
While not dependent on the upcoming reload, we’re also pleased to announce the addition of preprints from MedRXiv and BioRXiv to Ovid Embase, on or around December 17, 2021. With the availability of preprints, you’ll be able to access biomedical information at the earliest possible moment, including Randomized Controlled Trials (useful for systematic reviews), identifying Key Opinion Leaders via grey literature, and competitive intelligence.

What are MedRXiv and BioRXiv?
They are preprint servers for medical and biological information.

How will preprints appear in Ovid Embase?
Preprints can be retrieved and recognized by the publication type “preprints”. Preprints will be populated in a new Embase sub-segment that will be included automatically in your current Embase access.

Will my existing Embase AutoAlerts capture preprints?
Yes. Preprints will be included by default in both searches and email alerts, so all existing AutoAlerts will start receiving preprints after December 17.

What volume of preprints should we expect?
The expected volume of pre-print references for MedRXiv and BioRXiv can vary significantly over time. Based on the past year’s counts, we expect between 1,000 – 15,000 records per month. Please note only the most recent records will be added from the start in December and from then on.

Here are the changes in Emtree 2021.3:

Emtree term improvements:

  • 721 new terms (including 40 replacement terms and promoted synonyms) have been added to Emtree as preferred terms in version September 2021.
  • 108 drug terms (terms assigned to the Chemicals and Drugs facet).
  • 613 non-drug terms (terms not assigned as Chemicals and Drugs).

Emtree terms changed in September 2021:

  • 40 terms (16 drug terms and 24 non-drug terms) from Emtree May 2020 have been replaced by 40 different terms in September 2021 (16 drug terms and 24 non-drug terms).
  • Of these, 31 terms (11 drug terms and 20 non-drug terms) are new (e.g. new generic names for drug chemical names) and have been assigned creation date 2021; the remaining 9 replacement terms (5 drug terms and 4 non-drug terms) were already present in Emtree.
  • No drug term was replaced by a non-drug term, no non-drug term was replaced by a drug term. No preferred terms were deleted.

You can view the complete details of the changes in Emtree 2021.3 here:
Emtree terms added and changed
Emtree release notes

Feel free to contact Customer Support with any questions by sending an email to [email protected].


Wolters Kluwer – Ovid