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Embase Reload Completed

Dear Ovid Embase Customer:

The Embase (EMED) Database has been reloaded to implement the new 2023.02 Thesaurus Tool.

Changes in the new thesaurus

Emtree terms improvement:
651 new terms (including 26 replacement terms and promoted synonyms) have been added to Emtree as preferred terms in version September 2023:

  • 52 drug terms (terms assigned to the Chemicals and Drugs facet).
  • 599 non-drug terms (terms not assigned as Chemicals and Drugs).

Emtree Terms Changed in September 2023:

  • 26 terms (21 drug terms and 5 non-drug terms) have been replaced by 26 different terms in September 2023 (5 drug terms and 21 non-drug terms).
  • Of these, 24 terms (4 drug terms and 20 non-drug terms) are new (e.g. new generic names for drug chemical names) and have been assigned a 2023 creation date; the remaining 2 replacement terms (1 drug term and 1 non-drug term) were already present in Emtree.
  • No drug terms were replaced by a non-drug term, and no non-drug terms were replaced by a drug term. No preferred terms were deleted.

You can find complete details of the changes in the new thesaurus here:

Added and changed Emtree terms
Release notes

If you have any questions, your local Ovid representative will be glad to help. Feel free to reach out to your account representative or contact the team at  [email protected].


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