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BIOSIS Previews 2024 Segment Available

Dear Ovid BIOSIS Previews Customer:

We're pleased to inform you the new 2024 segment for Biosis Previews® (BIOP) went live on Monday 4 December. The new segment is called b24o24 and only contains the 2024 data.
In addition, we also updated the banners for the multi-segment:

  • BIOPCY1 from BIOSIS Previews 2022 to 2023 Week 52 to BIOSIS Previews 2023 to 2024 Week 1.
  • BIOPFZ from BIOSIS Previews 1969 to 2023 Week 52 to BIOSIS Previews 1969 to 2024 Week 1.

If you don't have valid access to the 2024 BIOSIS Previews segment, AutoAlerts stopped running after 4 December.
The database code you should use for your jumpstart depends on the Biosis Previews year coverage you're entitled to. If you're already familiar with the annual change of the BIOSIS Previews codes, please be advised that all multi-segments were created as b24oXX where the XX is the year your Biosis coverage starts.

Our Technical support team has access to the complete listing of the available codes, and can advise you accordingly.

If you have any questions, your local Ovid representative will be glad to help. Feel free to reach out to your account representative or contact the team at  [email protected].


Wolters Kluwer - Ovid

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