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2020 Ovid Emcare Reload Scheduled – March 2020


2020 Ovid Emcare Reload Scheduled

Dear Ovid Emcare Customer:

The Ovid Emcare database will be reloaded to implement the new 2020 Thesaurus Tool.

We expect the reload to go live on April 16, 2020. Alerts will be run on Wednesday, April 15th 2020 prior to the reload.

In addition, Ovid will make the following changes to the database:

Ovid Emcare is now including “Articles in Press”! Previously, citations were only indexed in Ovid Emcare once they were considered “Published” by including volume, issue and page numbers. As part of the reload, approximately 30,000 “Articles in Press” citations will be added. As these are in process citations, they will not include volume, issue, or page numbers. “Articles in Press” citations will be replaced with the full “Published” versions once available.

Complete details on new and changed fields are available in the database guide. If you have any questions, contact your Ovid Support Representative at [email protected].


Wolters Kluwer – Ovid