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2019 Ovid Nursing Database Reload Scheduled – April 2019


2019 Ovid Nursing Database Reload Scheduled

Dear Ovid Nursing Database Customer:

The Ovid Nursing database is being reloaded for the annual update of the MEDLINE input. We expect the reload to go live on April 30th, 2019. Alerts will be run on Monday, April 29th 2019 prior to the reload.

In addition, Ovid has made the following changes:

  • Create Date (DC), MeSH Date (DA) and Entrez Date (EZ) will change their indexing format from yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm to yyyymmdd in order to support date range limit searches for these fields on Ovid.
    e.g. Limit to dt=“20171201-20181031”.
  • Comments will now display in the Title Comment (TC) field while the Comments (CM) field will contain the comment/correction type codes.
    e.g. Comment in (CIN), Republished from (RPF), Retraction of (ROF), etc.

New Fields:

  • Cited References (RF)
  • Cited Reference Date (CQ)
  • Cited Reference DOI (CD)
  • Cited Reference Source (CS)
  • Cited Reference Volume (CE)
  • Cited Reference Page (CG)
  • Cited Reference Issue (RP)
  • Cited Reference PMCID (CZ)
  • Cited Reference Publisher Identifier (RY)
  • Cited Reference UI (RZ)
  • Reference Title Index (RL)

Changed Fields:

  • Number of References (NR)
    Changed the label of Number of References (RF) to Number of References (NR)
  • Title Comment (TC)
    The Title Comment (TC) is now displaying on its own field, separate from the Title (TI) field.

New Limit option – Special Ovid Filters for Ovid Nursing:

  • Adverse effects
  • Adverse effects – focussed
  • Children
  • Children – focussed
  • Elderly
  • Elderly – focussed
  • Humans only (removes records about animals)
  • Pregnancy – wide
  • Pregnancy – focussed

New Publication Type Limits:

  • Clinical Trial, Veterinary
  • Clinical Trial Protocol
  • Observational Study, Veterinary
  • Systematic Review
  • Systematic Reviews as Topic
  • Clinical Trials, Veterinary as Topic
  • Clinical Trial Protocols as Topic

Changed Publication Type Limits:

  • Addresses to Address
  • Congresses to Congress
  • Government Publications to Government Document
  • Lectures to Lecture
  • Legal Cases to Legal Case
  • Personal Narratives to Personal Narrative
  • Portraits to Portrait

3 Deleted Subheadings:

  • Manpower
  • Secretion
  • Utilization

Feel free to contact Customer Support with any questions by sending an email to [email protected].


Wolters Kluwer – Ovid