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2017 Ovid Embase Reload – April 2017


2017 Ovid Embase Reload

Dear Ovid Embase Customer:

The reload went live on April 24, 2017. Alerts were run on Saturday, April 22 2017 prior to the reload.

New features and important changes are coming to Embase (EMED) on Ovid. These changes will improve the overall Embase experience on Ovid and have been carefully considered in partnership with Elsevier, but as with any change we ask that you please carefully review the updates below and prepare accordingly. Ovid Customer Support is available if you have any questions at [email protected] and we are eager to provide additional training and assistance during this transition as needed.

This reload includes the following highlights (and you can find important details of items in the sections below and in this video):

    • The latest 2017 Thesaurus Tool. For information about the changes in the new thesaurus, click here.
    • Important updates to Embase record fields (see below)
    • Important new limits for NLM record statuses (see below)
    • 35 new fields (see below)
    • 1 changed field (see below)
    • New field of Retraction Notice which can be limited to “Yes”
  • Floating Subheading Word (FX) field has been added to the .mp field search so that a .mp search will now search all of these fields:
      • Abstract (AB)
      • Title (TI)
      • Heading Word (HW)
      • Drug Trade Name (TN)
      • Original Title (OT)
      • Device Manufacturer (DM)
      • Drug Manufacturer (MF)
      • Device Trade Name (DV)
      • Keyword (KW)
    • Floating Subheading Word (FX)

35 New Fields

    • Source Type (SU)
    • Indexing Status (SI)
    • Conference Start Date (CS)
    • Conference End Date (CE)
    • NLM Status (NS)
    • Retraction Notice (NR)
    • Floating Subheading Word (FX)
    • Related Item Information (RI)
    • Related Accession Number (RR)
    • Related Publisher Identifier (RM)
    • Related Item DOI (RO)
    • Related Publication Type (RP)
    • Related Item Title (RT)
    • Related Item Contributor (RC)
    • Related Item Editor (ER)
    • Related Book Series (RS)
    • Related Journal Name (RJ)
    • Related Book Title (RL)
    • Related Volume (RV)
    • Related Issue Part (TR)
    • Related Article Number (BN)
    • Related Part Number (PR)
    • Related Year (RY)
    • Related Page (RG)
    • Related Date of Publication (DR)
    • Related Volume Title (LR)
    • Related Item ISSN (NI)
    • Related Item ISBN (RB)
    • Related Item CODEN (OR)
    • Related Item Publisher (RU)
    • Related Item URL (RW)
    • Related Source Type (SR)
    • Related Item Country (MC)
    • Related Conference Information (FE)
  • Related Figure Information (FR)

1 Changed Field

  • The arXiv Identifier Index was changed from XC to AV.

Add New Limit for “Records From”

  • Conference Abstract

5 New Limits for “Publication Type”

    • Abstract Report
    • Article in Press
    • Book Review
    • Patent
  • Tombstone (retraction information)

Add New Limit “Source Types”

    • Journal
    • Book
    • Conference Proceeding
    • Report
    • Major Reference Work
  • Book Series

Add New Limit “Retraction Notice”

Changed Record Status Limit and New NLM Status Limits
The new “NLM Status” limit has been added to provide information on the status of citations from the National Library of Medicine. This status pertains to the NLM status and is separate from the status of the citation on Embase. The Embase status is included in the “Status” field. “Medline” has been removed as an available limit from the Status field.

All MEDLINE records will have a NLM Status. Only Embase, Article in Press, In Process and Conference Abstract records will have a Status. You can use the “Records From” limit to limit to Embase, MEDLINE, and Conference Abstract.

If you have used the Medline limit in the Status field in your search and alert results, you will need to adjust your search strategies.

Add New Limit “NLM Status”

    • In-Data-Review
    • In-Process
    • PubMed-not-MEDLINE
    • PubMed/MEDLINE
  • Publisher

Changed 1 Limit in “Status”

  • The MEDLINE status limit is now the NLM Status limit PubMed/MEDLINE.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support at [email protected].


Wolters Kluwer – Ovid