Ovid Discovery

A Unified Discovery and Delivery Platform Focused and
Specialized In Biomedical Content

+250 million Biomedical Resources
Save users and
library staff time
Multiple Access Option
Increase awareness and usage
of your e-Resources

Ovid Discovery Service

Ovid Discovery is the world’s most advanced discovery platform developed specifically for health, biomedical, and pharmaceutical electronic libraries—helping solve the growing challenges of the digital library. It provides your users with a single-search, one-stop shop solution for all their research needs.

Increase Discoverability:

  • A central portal homepage consolidates all your library resources and services into one place so users can easily see what is available and become more aware of everything your library has to offer
  • Familiar web-scale search enables users of all experience levels with a single search point to easily find the relevant content they need across all of your library’s collections and other external sources—plus advanced search options for detailed control of results
  • Most precise medical searching functionality: Ovid Discovery searching tools with MeSH-controlled vocabulary thesaurus
  • Ability to create different search indexes based on speciality, nature of the content, language, and more
  • Indexing of non-journal content such as books, videos, images, and more
  • Ability to find precise results through industry-leading filtering and navigation options
  • Filter results showing available full text

Save time and money with easy and customized implementation:

Ovid’s award-winning customer service and support team will provide full implementation, customization, and maintenance of Ovid Discovery in your library - requiring a minimal amount of resources and time for your library staff

  • Library Resources A to Z tool
  • Integrated OpenURL link resolver (no implementation required!)
  • eTOC alerts system for over 16,000 journals!
  • Customized library portal homepage
  • Data analytics and usage reporting assistance
  • Mobile device friendly with fully compliant and adaptable interface

Ovid Discovery Key Features

A Unified Discovery and Delivery Platform Focused and Specialized In Biomedical Content

Searches an index of over +100 million scholarly e-resources, including Journal Articles, Books, Videos, Multimedia, Images, Reports, Procedures, Blogs, Systematic Reviews, and more. Presents a modern search experience from search syntax through results display and continuous workflows.
The only Discovery tool to feature unique content from UpToDate, Lippincott Procedures, VisualDx and more.
Offers multi-language search terms matching with MeSH terms.

Ovid Discovery Library Service Management tools

Ovid Discovery is a Library Service Management product, offering you several tools and functionalities that enable you
to fulfil all your library’s needs.

Online Forms

Using this tool, you can quickly and easily create different online forms to improve workflow and communication with your users.

Library users can communicate with you using an online form that you can publish in any web resource, including ODS landing pages.

Here are some examples:

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Using the Ovid Discovery Calendar tool, you can promote different events, conferences, and training sessions offered by your library or institution.

You can publish calendars in your ODS landing page.

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Using Ovid Discovery Polls, you can create a poll or survey, asking your users about one specific topic, e.g. a feature, course, need or addition to the library.

These are easy to create and maintain, and are a quick way to collect user feedback.

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Document Delivery

Through the Document Delivery feature on ODS, you can easily enable users to request any document or article that isn’t available in the library’s holdings.

The ODS Document Delivery system can be fully customized and branded.

ODS automatically imports all article details into the Document Delivery form.

You can configure the ODS Document Delivery feature so it’s only displayed when no other full text option is available.

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Blogs allow your users to post their own comments, that you can share across your institution.

You can implement Journal Club features or start discussions about current and popular topics.

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Other features:

RSS feeds – create automatically updated RSS feeds that you can publish in your library portal for:

  • - Articles that reference your institution (Your Institution’s Scientific Production)
  • - Latest articles on current topics
  • - Most viewed articles within your institution, and more…

CME Credits – You can now collect CME credits in OvidDiscovery, based on your searching activity. Click here for more information about this new feature.


Unique Knowledge
Base Items
Publishers in
Aggregators’ collections


Unique Open
Access Titles


Journals with eTOC
Alert System

Save time for library staff

Easier training

Teaches users one interface as a complete discovery and delivery hub for all library resources

Drives usage

To the appropriate access option of a subscribed resource

No cataloging required

Easily managed based on a global knowledgebase

Simple Maintenance

Ability to easily populate and maintain your collection

Better renewal decisions

Usage stats and analytics identify which users are utilizing the service and what resources are most used and unused

Identify missing content

Usage analytics show titles requested frequently but missing from your collection

Why Ovid Discovery?

A reintroduction to your library encourages your users to discover and use all available resources and services

Full implementation, customization, and continuous maintenance support provided by the Ovid support team

Better insight into users’ search and content usage behaviour

Integration with UpToDate®, Lippincott Procedures, and Lippincott Advisor®

Daily ongoing updates of both index and knowledgebase

Available in 4 languages—English, French, German, and Spanish

Ovid Discovery Portal Customization

The portal homepage consolidates all your library resources and services into one place so users can easily see what is available. Here some examples of how diferent can be the customizations we can do for you library homepage:


Ovid Discovery Community Online Resource

Visit our Ovid Discovery Community Online Resource to keep updated about all the latest features, additional content and news from Ovid Discovery.

Ovid Discovery Community online resource would allow you to post and add your own comments and exchange information with peers and colleagues as well as Ovid Support teams.

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