Open Access publishing in
Wolters Kluwer Health Journals

Open Access publishing in Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Journals

FinELib consortium’s agreement with Wolters Kluwer Health offers authors an opportunity to publish their articles open access by using a voucher or waiver code. This means that there is no article processing charge for the author.

The number of available free vouchers will decrease each time an author uses the waiver code. If the number of APC Waivers has been depleted at the time the corresponding author requests use of the waiver code in the payment system, the payment system will inform the author that the code cannot be used.

Publishing an article open access in Lippincott Journals

Instructions to the corresponding author

Initial Offer Funding Workflow

The author will receive this email on acceptance and must still transact for the funding workflow

Funding Workflow – Funding Option Screen

Messaging on the funding option screen helps the author make appropriate institution selection or pay APC charges on their own.

The Institution is notified

At acceptance, if the metadata matches an existing agreement, the article is sent to the author’s institution for approval.

Author receives Order Confirmation for Funding Request

Funding Approval Email

If funding request is Denied, reason will be included:

  • APC exceeds max feelimit
  • Missing required Creative Commons license
  • Funding no longer available
  • Questioning Author Affiliation
  • Other (notes listed)

Author Resources

If you need further information or help with the OA publishing process, please contact Ovid Customer Support, [email protected] or your library/information service.