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Wolters Kluwer Health Journals

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Open Access publishing in Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Journals

FinELib consortium’s agreement with Wolters Kluwer Health offers authors an opportunity to publish their articles open access in 2019 by using a voucher or waiver code. This means that there is no article processing charge for the author.

The number of available free vouchers will decrease each time an author uses the waiver code. If the number of APC Waivers has been depleted at the time the corresponding author requests use of the waiver code in the payment system, the payment system will inform the author that the code cannot be used.

Publishing an article open access in Wolters Kluwer Health Journals

Instructions to the corresponding author

1. Please have the following information on hand before you initiate the process:

  • Journal Name
  • Manuscript Number
  • Article Title
  • Acceptance Date
  • Name of Funding Source if applicable
  • Corresponding Author Name.

2. Go to the payment site:

3. Sign in if you have an existing account or create an own account by clicking: ‘Click here to register’.

4. Select the journal from the drop-down list.

5. Provide manuscript details

  • Manuscript Number
  • Article Title
  • Acceptance Date
  • Please indicate funding sources if applicable or choose ‘None’
  • Corresponding Authors Name

6. Declare your interest to use a free voucher to publish open access. Do this by clicking ‘Discounts’, selecting ‘Number of Discounts 1’ and entering the Open Access waiver code provided to you by your library/information service in the ‘Discount 1’ field. Then click “Update Price”.

7. The code will be applied and the total order amount will be updated to reflect the waived article. Click “Add to Cart” once code has been applied and then “Checkout”. If an invalid code is entered there is a red cross next to the code (it becomes a green tick if the code is valid) and the order summary will show a price and no discount. If this happens authors should check they have entered the code correctly (type the code rather than copy paste) and if there is still an issue contact their librarian to check the status of the code.

8. Ensure the required fields in the billing section are completed with your details and institutional address. Then click “Continue”.



9. Then click “Complete Order”

10. The customer will then receive the e-mail confirmation of the order:.



11. If all free vouchers have been used by the time your article is accepted, you have the right to publish your article as a paywalled article (or alternatively pay the article processing charge).

If you need further information or help with the OA publishing process, please contact Ovid Customer Support, [email protected] or your library/information service.