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What is the difference between Local Full-Text and Local Prints collections?

– Since the 23rd of November, local collections have been broken into Local Print Collection and Full-Text local Collection which can be seen in the Holdings -> Journals -> Collection tab. This has been agreed with NICE and HDAS to manage local collections in the best way possible.

– The previous link resolver defaulted to electronic holdings when adding titles. In some, cases print holdings were accidentally added to a print collection as electronic rather than print. When the data was transferred to the Wolters Kluwer link resolver any print holdings which had been inadvertently marked as electronic were added as a separate local full-text collection as they were unable to confirm if they were electronic or print.

– Since local collections are handled at a collection level, it is not possible to manually add an item. In order to correct these holdings, you need to contact with the details of the local full-text collection and the print collection you would like them adding to.

– Please send a single file (no need to separate full text and print) in KBART format to NHS Support. You can request also this KBART format file from You can then modify/change as needed, return it back to Wolters Kluwer and they will upload the new modified file.

– A note at the access level has been added to confirm the location of the item. Please refer to the article How to add notes visible for the end users for more information..

-We are aware of a display issue relating to print only title in the A-Z and HDAS. If you are experiencing this issue please report it back to NICE mentioning the technical ticket HDAS-991.