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  • The World's Premier Global Infectious Diseases Database

  • Quick Disease Diagnosis and Epidemiology Reference

Benefits of Gideon

Accurate Diagnosis

Make accurate disease diagnoses quickly

Global Research

Uncover new infectious diseases and pathogens in nearly every country around the globe.

Keep Updated

Keep up on the latest global outbreaks as they evolve and spread


Dig deep into the epidemiology and underlying organisms of every disease


Train students and others using interactive tutorials.


More than 350 global maps to help illustrate position and scope of outbreaks

Who uses Gideon

Diagnose diseases and review the latest therapy options for treatment; save time with global notes.

Provide an interactive teaching tool that students can really respond to; tutorials help, too!.

Search information on a global scale, and gather together vast amounts of data efficiently.

Get instant updates on the latest outbreaks, and monitor and map out outbreaks.

Gideon Tutorial

Watch all the features of Gideon with this tutorial

How Gideon Works

Organized intoTwo Online Modules

  • - Drugs - Pharmacology and use of various drugs
  • - Diagnosis - Country-specific diagnoses based on symptoms, signs, and other data
  • - Travel - Pre-travel information on diseases for travelers and healthcare professionals
  • - Disease - Epidemiological profiles of selected diseases
  • - Vaccines - Pharmacology and use of vaccines


    Lists common lab tests and phenotypic characteristics for a wide range of:

  • - Bacteria
  • - Mycobacteria
  • - Yeasts

Why Gideon

Over 430,000 references, 30,000 graphs, and 4,000 images that offer a visual context to the information

Describes more than 370 drugs and vaccines, including drugs not FDA-approved but in use in other countries as well as drug trade names from around the world

Uses evidence-based, peer reviewed content—with links to the source in the reference notes

Covers more than 400 diseases documented in over 200 countries

Updated nearly every day with news on the latest outbreaks.

Includes - at no extra cost - video tutorials on how to use each section of each module

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