Food Science and Technology Abstracts

World's leading database of information on food science, food technology and nutrition



Food Science and Technology Abstracts

The world's leading database of information on food science, food technology and nutrition.

FSTA covers topics relating to every aspect of the food chain including all the major food commodities plus biotechnology, microbiology, food safety, additives, nutrition, packaging, pet foods and many more.

FSTA boasts an unrivalled coverage of journals from many fields of relevance to food science, food technology and nutrition. The database includes material from over 5000 serial publications published in up to 40 languages.

Wherever possible FSTA abstracts include additional information of food-relevance from the original article. Each record includes full bibliographic data. FSTA is fully indexed with the FSTA Thesaurus containing over 16,000 keyword terms.

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Develop your research skills in the sciences of food & health with FSTA’s free 4-part tutorial

Being able to effectively and efficiently search for quality research in the sciences of food and health is a key skill for students and researchers. These new tutorials for FSTA on Ovid are designed to give you an overview of FSTA content and the essential skills to search the FSTA database and find quality literature successfully.

Created by Carol Hollier, Senior Information Literacy and Outreach Manager, IFIS Publishing. https://www.ifis.org/tutorial-access-ovid

FSTA Tutorial - Part 1

10 min (approx)


• What content FSTA includes

• What content FSTA excludes (predatory journals and fake science)




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FSTA Tutorial - Part 2

15 min (approx)


• What the information in FSTA looks like, what is it exactly that you search when you search FSTA?

• How the FSTA thesaurus helps organize that information, and helps you find what you need

• How to choose and find keywords for building a search

• How to connect keywords with Boolean operators to add precision to your search

• How to apply filters for even more precision

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FSTA Tutorial - Part 3

15 min (approx)


• What subject headings are

• How to map them, and explode them, and when you might want to do either

• What the difference is between subject headings and subject words

• How to connect keywords with Boolean operators to add precision to your search

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FSTA Tutorial - Part 4

15 min (approx)


• How to put your search skills into practice

(You will need to log into your organisational FSTA access on Ovid to complete this section)

• Review what you've learned


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Certificate of Completion

Available upon completion of all 4 parts

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