ACC CardioSource Plus on Ovid

Login instructions to ACC CardioSource Plus
for Institutions and Practices on Ovid

Login instructions to ACC CardioSource Plus for Institutions and Practices on Ovid

Dear CardioSource Plus User,

Your organisation has subscribed to ACC CardioSource Plus for institutions on the Ovid platform. If you already have an account for CardioSource Plus you can continue to use this account. Please note: to ensure continued access you must now login to CardioSource Plus through Ovid to (re)confirm your entitlement to CardioSource Plus!

This instruction allows users in your organisation with access to Ovid, to activate their CardioSource Plus access.

  1. Please contact your administrator or librarian to make sure the institutional subscription to CardioSource Plus on Ovid is active and confirm how to best access Ovid. In most cases access will be automatic based on IP address, or via your intranet. For IP address based access you can simply use this URL: If your administrator or librarian has supplied you with specific Ovid credentials, please go to: or follow the instructions of your administrator.
  2. When your login to Ovid is successful and the subscription to CardioSource Plus is active you will see this link:
  3. When your institute subscribes to multiple Ovid platform partners you will see the link to ACC in the Links dropdown:
    By clicking on the ACC link, you will be sent to ACC CardioSource Plus for Institutions and Practices.
    To skip the above step and to go directly to ACC CardioSource Plus via Ovid, you may also use this "jumpstart link":
  4. You will now be prompted to login to
    1. Users that have an existing account can login with their existing credentials and access the modules.
    2. New users will have to create their own account first by clicking on the "Create Free Account" link:
      • Follow the instructions to create a new account or to retrieve an existing account
      • Fill out all fields (incl. "State") and complete the "I am not a robot" (CAPTCHA) to continue
      • When the account is successfully created you will see the CardioSource Plus Landing page
  5. Your account is now tied to the institutional subscription for CardioSource Plus. In addition to the access via Ovid you can now access the individual modules included in the package also directly:
  6. Please Note: to gain or keep access to CardioSource Plus for Institutions, all users MUST login via Ovid. Only when you login via Ovid, the ACC can (re)confirm your entitlement to CardioSource Plus for Institutions.
  7. When existing accounts find they do not have access to ACC CardioSource Plus for institutions, they must login via Ovid:
  8. Should you not see the ACC CardioSource Plus link in Ovid, or if the above URL fails with an error message that says "Database 'acccsp' does not exist", please contact your administrator or librarian to verify your Ovid access.
  9. In case there are still questions or problems with your CardioSource Plus access, please contact our customer service teams for Ovid via: