Product Description

VisualDx is the only tool designed to help you answer diagnostic questions as you work, redefining “diagnostic support” for more accurate, informed decision making at the point of care. Your users can input patient-specific findings and build a custom differential in real time with the patient.


Concise, peer-reviewed content designed for the point of care.


Build patient-specific custom differentials in seconds.


VisualDx content is created by a team of doctors with over 100 physician editors contributing to the peer-reviewed, evidence-based content.


Integrates into the electronic health record that helps clinicians make confident, accurate diagnoses.

Patient Handouts

Engage with patients via patient handouts and pictures for over 200 top diagnoses.


VisualDx covers all of general medicine and specialties including: Infectious Diseases, Occupational Health, Dermatology, Drug Reactions, Emergency Medicine, Eye and Oral Health


A simple, step-by-step process guides the user to develop and deliver the most accurate, informed diagnosis and to add or adjust additional findings at any time.

Minimize Errors
Minimize diagnostic errors that cost practices and healthcare systems billions annually.
Find the correct diagnosis
Reduce errors that harm patients and can lead to increased costs and valuable time spent trying to find the correct diagnosis and deal with incorrect care.
Time Saver
Save time in coming to a more accurate diagnosis at the point of care.
Leading Information
Learn the correct process for evaluating patients with access to leading information in digital formats.
Preparation for Practice
Explore images related to symptoms for advanced learning that better prepares them for practice.
Diagnostic challenges
Establish an understanding of diagnostic challenges and the importance of a second opinion — because you can’t remember everything!

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VisualDx Plus DermExpert

A picture is worth a better diagnosis

Utilizing Apple’s Core ML Technology to get personalized skin answers in seconds.

Leveraging our comprehensive image library of skin conditions, our deep knowledge base, and machine learning, VisualDx provides the primary care practitioner the help needed to recognize, understand, and treat skin conditions.

Only available for iOS devices

The Need

A global, critical need is to improve the recognition of skin. Up to 25% of all primary care visits involve a skin complaint. These providers are ill-equipped to handle these complaints and there are not enough dermatologists to handle the case load.

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The Solution

DermExpert incorporates Apple’s renowned ease-of-use technology with VisualDx’s unparalleled differential diagnosis aid. After a clinician takes a picture of the patient’s skin, DermExpert immediately identifies the skin lesion morphology, which is critical to making a more accurate diagnosis at the point of care.

Whatch the Video

The Technology

VisualDx has long been on the forefront of medical innovation and is now integrating artificial intelligence to improve skin condition recognition. Thanks to Apple’s Core ML, the analyzing of skin conditions can occur right on the phone, ensuring privacy without discounting accuracy.

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Customer Testimonials

How VisualDx Works

Quick tips to guide you on the key features of VisualDx.


Clinicians save up to 26 minutes per day when using VisualDx


(full write-ups on 1,500+ diseases)


Images of disease or clinical guidance on therapy, risk management, drug reactions and more.


Institutions that are using VisualDx Worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions

VisualDx is an internationally recognized award-winning diagnostic clinical decision support system. VisualDx combines clinical search with the world's best medical image library, plus medical knowledge from experts to help with diagnosis, treatment, self-education, and patient communication. Expanding to provide diagnostic decision support across general medicine, the new VisualDx brings increased speed and accuracy to the art of diagnosis. See how VisualDx works in the videos section.

We suggest you contact your local administrator or librarian to discuss the access options at your institution. You can also contact Ovid Support.

Follow these guidelines for use of VisualDx images in educational and non-commercial settings.

We provide free live webinars with our expert training staff. Contact Ovid Support to organise training for your users.

We also provide recorded training videos in this page.

We offer online learning, including VisualDx case studies, and some educational resources. Remember in the video section we also provide video case studies.

Please follow these instructions to start using VisualDx on your mobile.

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