Ovid Expert Searches

Ovid Expert Searches

The Ovid Expert Search feature enables librarians, information managers, and subject experts to create complex search strategies that generate precise, actionable results, saving valuable research time for other users at an institution. "Experts" - defined as individual users or groups of users - create saved searches and store them in a secure area on Ovid, where they can be accessed by all users or specific user groups.

In the world of shared user access, the Expert Search capability ensures that a search of critical importance can be accessed by a broad range of users—no matter what their level of search expertise—but can never be inadvertently changed, deleted, or overwritten.

Researchers who use Expert Searches to share search strategies among project teams will enjoy the confidence that their Ovid search strategies are protected, while still being completely accessible to users.

Expert Searches on Current Topics

Researchers need seamless access to the latest, most up-to-date scholarly literature to do their work. With a pre-defined complex Expert Search already constructed and saved for them, any user can instantly search for key topics within premium literature sources on Ovid, such as MEDLINE®, PsycINFO®, Econlit, EMBASE®, and other resources that get updated with critical information on a regular basis.


Filters are tried and tested search strategies that help you narrow down your search and that enhance the precision of your results. Filters are used typically to identify articles containing a particular piece of evidence—for example, randomized control trials (rcts) or systematic reviews—types of clinical query (e.g., diagnosis, etiology, therapy), or results for a specific population or specialty (e.g., pediatrics).

Note: Users must have an Ovid Personal Account in order to access Ovid Expert Searches and Filters. These searches are for demonstration purposes only; please adapt them as necessary for your own search strategies.

Expert Search Recommendations

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