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Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas updates for October 2019


Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas updates for October 2019

Dear Ovid Visible Body Customer:

Visible Body’s Human Anatomy Atlas 2020 is being launched on Tuesday, October 22, 2019. Subscribers to this product will receive access to these updates, including these new features:

Human Anatomy Atlas 2020

  • The male and female gross anatomy models have over a hundred new refinements!
  • Additional nerves, arteries, and veins in the head and neck region
  • New 3D brain anatomy: refined model of the cerebrum, new motor and sensory maps, and new dermatomes
  • Anatomy added and refined in the thoracic, abdominal, and pelvic regions
  • Enhanced 3D lungs now include the pleura and the option to study and dissect each lung by bronchopulmonary segment
  • Refinements to the pectoralis major, intercostals, and the cartilage that attaches the ribs to the sternum
  • Refinements to the kidneys to show more gross anatomy detail
  • New detailed microanatomy of the small intestine and villus
  • 3D labels to tag structures! New Draw and Notepad features for 3D interactive lectures and note-taking!

Customer Support is available if you have any questions at and we are eager to provide additional assistance and training as needed.


Wolters Kluwer – Ovid

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