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Tag: PsycBOOKS

APA Database Renaming – March 2020

  APA Database Renaming Dear Ovid Customer: Our information provider, the American Psychological Association (APA), is changing their database naming convention to reflect APA’s new branding standards. The new names of the APA database products are as follows: APA PsycArticles® APA PsycBooks® APA PsycExtra® APA PsycInfo® APA PsycTests® Following the . . . Read more

PsycBOOKS database reload – October 2016

  PsycBOOKS database reload Dear PsycBOOKS Customer: The PsycBOOKS (PSBK-OV) database is being reloaded. We expect it to be live on October 11, 2016. Please note, alerts will be pushed with this reload on Monday, October 10, 2016. This affects the following updates: PsycBOOKS 2016/08 PsycBOOKS 2016/09 The reload includes . . . Read more