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Ovid MEDLINE Correction Records – July 2019

  Ovid MEDLINE Correction Records Dear Ovid MEDLINE customer: Further to our communications on 15 May and 28 June, concerning the increased volumes of correction records, we want to inform you about the following change to Ovid MEDLINE. We are introducing a new “multi-segment” for Ovid MEDLINE corrections called MEDCM. . . . Read more

Changes to Ovid MEDLINE naming – July 2018

  Changes to Ovid MEDLINE naming Dear Ovid MEDLINE Customer: It has been brought to our attention there were inconsistencies in our Ovid MEDLINE naming. Therefore we decided on a slightly different naming convention, that also shortens the long Ovid MEDLINE labels. Secondly some labels had a static end-date like . . . Read more

Changes to Ovid MEDLINE – June 2018

  Changes to Ovid MEDLINE Dear Ovid MEDLINE Customer: As per our previous communications on 22 January and 25 April 2018, we confirm that we have now added the “Floating Subheading Word” (FX) field to the default field-set for unqualified (or .mp.) searching as scheduled on 1 June 2018. At . . . Read more