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OpenAthens and Institutional Migration – May 2020


OpenAthens and Institutional Migration

Dear Ovid Customer:

Soon we will be updating our Open Athens and Institutional Federated Login. As such you will notice a change to the main Ovid login page. Upon clicking on the combined “Open Athens | Institutional” link, the displayed page will now appear similar to this:

Typing anything in the entry box will retrieve all matching results and give you a much easier way of logging into your organization.

In addition, the jumpstarts to content such as a specific journal, for Athens (OpenAthens) and Shibboleth (Institutional) which we refer to as WAYFless links, will also change. They will both use the same format.

The current Institutional WAYFless links will change slightly. Currently, we use the following base URL: and that will change to
Everything else after the base URL will stay the same.

OpenAthens links such as T=JS&NEWS=n&CSC=Y&PAGE=toc&D=ovft&AN=00002030-000000000-00000 will continue to work for a short time after the update. However, we encourage you to change them as soon as possible to the new format. For example, the new version of the link above should look something like the following:**&entityID*=

where the information between the two pairs of asterisks will need to include your specific EntityID details.

Should you need help constructing these links, or if you have any questions, please contact our Support team at: We will communicate a specific date for this change in a future message.


Wolters Kluwer – Ovid

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