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Category: Product Releases

Ovid Release Scheduled – March 2020

  Ovid Release Scheduled Dear Ovid Customer: We will be releasing an updated version of Ovid on Tuesday, March 31st at 11am ET. View your local time. While we do not expect this to impact your access, it is possible that you may experience some downtime during this time. New . . . Read more

COUNTER 5 Update – March 2019

  COUNTER 5 Update Dear Ovid Customer: Since January 1st, 2019, Ovid has been compliant with COUNTER 5 reporting guidelines. Beginning in February, you will be able to view your usage statistics at a NEW statistics site: You can use your current credentials to access this site. You can . . . Read more

Ovid Content Experience – March 2019

  Ovid Content Experience Dear Ovid Customer: In June 2018, we launched a new way to view Ovid journal articles that we refer to as Ovid Content Experience. Our goal was to help accelerate our users’ ability to get the content they need with as little interference as possible, and . . . Read more