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Category: Maintenance

APA Database Renaming – March 2020

  APA Database Renaming Dear Ovid Customer: Our information provider, the American Psychological Association (APA), is changing their database naming convention to reflect APA’s new branding standards. The new names of the APA database products are as follows: APA PsycArticles® APA PsycBooks® APA PsycExtra® APA PsycInfo® APA PsycTests® Following the . . . Read more

JBI EBP Database Content Update – March 2020

  JBI EBP Database Content Update Dear Ovid JBI Customer: Outdated JBI EBP Database content removal As part of JBI’s commitment to focusing on current content that improves practice and patient outcomes and providing tools that meet its requirements for currency and supporting evidence-based practice, JBI has reviewed its content. . . . Read more

Ovid MEDLINE Correction Records – July 2019

  Ovid MEDLINE Correction Records Dear Ovid MEDLINE customer: Further to our communications on 15 May and 28 June, concerning the increased volumes of correction records, we want to inform you about the following change to Ovid MEDLINE. We are introducing a new “multi-segment” for Ovid MEDLINE corrections called MEDCM. . . . Read more

Ovid Infrastructure Improvements – April 2019

  Ovid Infrastructure Improvements Dear Ovid Customer: We are continually improving the infrastructure of our systems. To ensure uninterrupted Ovid access, please check that the URLs listed here are enabled in your proxy servers or firewalls. Please also check that you have whitelisted our mail server IP addresses and email . . . Read more