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AHA content moved to Atypon – September 2018


AHA content moved to Atypon

Dear Ovid Customer:

Wolters Kluwer has successfully transitioned all American Heart Association (AHA) journal content to the new Atypon platform. As previously communicated, administrator access was not available immediately.

We are pleased to announce that on Monday, September 17th you will receive an email from the AHA providing instructions to set up administrator access. If you do NOT receive an email, please contact

Ovid users are granted dual access to Ovid and the AHA Journals platform, Users can log into the AHA Journals the same way as before, whether they access the journals on Ovid or the new Atypon platform.

Additionally, once users authenticate via their institution’s IP’s, they can create their own Single Sign On (SSO) which will allow them to establish personalized alerts and save their searches and favorites. To take advantage of this option, they’ll need to click on “My Alerts” at and select “Create an Account.”


Feel free to contact Customer Support with any questions by sending an email to


Wolters Kluwer – Ovid

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